Disney finally casts Mulan

For the past few months Disney have been taking their time on who to cast in the role of Mulan, I suppose they have been carefully watching what is going on in Hollywood. What with bombs like The Great Wall and Ghost in the Shell, just want to say I am not calling these bad movies, just pointing out they bombed, Disney obviously wanted to avoid the idea of a Caucasian lead  in Mulan, more than that I think they wanted to get an actual Chinese Actress for the role, this works two fold, in that it gets someone who is ‘Ethnically correct’ for the role and also someone that may give Disney a way into the Chinese Market. We can never forget that China limits how many foreign films get released their each year and studios have been known to bend over backwards to get into this lucrative market. As much as I sound like a cynic, honestly I cannot fault Disney when they sent out their tweet yesterday announcing that Liu Yifel had been cast in the titular role of Mulan.

Though western audiences may be very unfamiliar with this actress, admittedly I only know her from The Forbidden Kingdom, which she was very good in, but the women has been steadily working in the Film, Television and the music industries since she first appeared on the scene in the early 2000’s. We know she can fight, we know she can act and we also know she can sing, this girl is perfect for the role.

It seem’s Disney have truly out done themselves with this one.

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