We finally got some insights to Mindhunter Season 2

If you watched Mindhunter you will know that though it was a very heavy watch, it was most defiantly an enlightening watch. The show follows the beginnings of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. In the worlds of psychology and policing this is a huge piece of history, before this time we had no idea what a spree killer was, we never heard of serial killers, nor did we use profiling techniques (though from what I understand these are not the be all and end all these are just one tool that law enforcement can use).  What truly fascinates me is how we began to understand the criminal mind.  Where season 1 we saw interviews with killers, a few minor cases and of course hints at Dennis Radar’s, the infamous BTK’s  beginnings, we have yet to see the BAU work on a major case. Season 2 will change that by having our Agents work on the Atlanta murders of 1979–81. These gruesome cases saw the deaths of at least 28 African-American children, adolescents and adults.

This should be an interesting case because though Wayne Williams was arrested for these crimes to this day there is still some doubt in his involvement. Which leaves us to wonder did they pick this controversial case because its not as well known or are they trying to show us the flaws in the Behavioral Analysis Units techniques. One thing I do want to see more of, is where they are going with BTK and how that will weave into the plot.

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