Detroit: Become Human Gameplay Trailer

If you have ever seen or played either Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls you will know that the boys and girls over at Quantic Dream love to blur the lines between game and story, these sorts of games are as entertaining to watch as they are too play and Detroit Becoming Human is going to continue this theme. The latest trailer shows one of its three playable characters, Kara an android who is struggling to understand her place in the world. Kara’s main struggle seems to be devised from her programmed passive nature, for Kara is owned by an abusive man who seems to take his anger out on his daughter and no decent human could sit be and watch the barbaric acts committed against this girl, which is where Kara comes in, she is better than most humans, she has just yet to realize this, but at the same time her hands are tied on what she can and can not do for this child. The game looks like its going to be touching on some heavy and deep themes, though it looks like there is going to be a certain beauty to the game too. It appears you will be given the ability to go back over and undo some of your decisions to get the best out come possible, for every choice you make has a  consequence and many of the consequences are bad. Quantic have managed to turn an angry drunk into something as terrifying as Pyramid Head or one of the Reapers, they pulled the extra ordinary out of the mundane and made this game as real as possible. This is the tell of great science fiction, its not the story of the impossible its the story of what science could make possible.

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