God of War has made its vicious comeback

When I first heard they where making a new God of War I rolled my eyes, I mean, do we really need more of these games? Though the more I read up on this project the more I think this is the right choice, it seems that the team behind this game are letting the series grow and age with its protagonist. Where the first games where all about rage and hate the new game seems to be about coming to grips with who you are and what you’ve done. Kratos after destroying the Olympian Gods has headed North and is now living in a Pre-Viking Norway alongside the Norse Gods. He no longer has all his Olympian weapons, which gives you a good excuse to rebuild and requip this brutal badass and have him ready to fight all manner of foe. Along the way you will be raising and teaching Kratos’s son Atreus, who will be able to help you along the way, while he tries to figure out who he is / coming to terms with who his father was. Its weird to say this but there is a certain beauty in this plot, especially in that we see Kratos find some peace and meaning in his life. What we know about the game play is that in trying to keep the game as accessible as previous titles and confirmed that the game will be open, but it will not be open-world, and quick time events will not be like they were in previous games. The game will not feature any morality system or branching story; all players will have the same story experience. The developers also confirmed that some of the more controversial mini-games found in previous entries will not return. This may lead to a very old school game but not one that I will criticize and this looks to be the right direction for the franchise as a whole.

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