My Thoughts on Thor Ragnarok


By now everyone is raving about this movie and I can see why. Ragnarok is brilliant, its energetic, funny, fast paced, everything we want from a Marvel film but cranked up to eleven. The greatest mistake of Thor The Dark World was that it tried to follow up Thor by being a serious and dramatic film and lets face it, its hard to follow up a Kenneth Branagh film. Ragnarok avoided this problem by subverting a few tropes and turning others on their head. Where in the first film Thor was humbled through being made mortal, in Ragnarok he is humbled through sheer bad luck and  alot of it. Where films of this genera usually finish with our heroes fighting a horde of faceless goons controlled by one all powerful villain or a giant monster, this film has that but then set those two against each other. Where Thor was a very classical film, this one had a sound track more akin to the music from an Ernest Cline book. In the first film our hero needed to get his weapon back, here Thor looses it and never see’s it again. The changes didn’t just happen with Thor we also had Loki in previous entries he continually betrayed his brother this time he finally came through for him.

Though at its core the film is still the classic Sword and Sorcery film. We have our hero – Thor lose everything, to end up in a distant and alien land, where he must battle and possible befriend a beast, find the favour of a beautiful and fare maiden, face a trickster and then take a perilous journey home to stop the evil queen. Its just this time, its an Alien Planet, the beast is his friend, the maiden is a badass/drunk, the trickster his brother and they need to fly home through the Devil’s Anus to stop the Goddess of Death.


Another terrible but brilliant addition was the fact that they where willing to kill characters off. Tadanobu Asano, Ray Stevenson, and Zachary Levi reprise their roles as Hogun, Volstagg, and Fandral, respectively, members of the Warriors Three and sadly they where all killed off, but this gave the villain gravitas, you knew she meant business and oh my god how good was Cate Blanchett as Hela. At 48 she manages to prove age is unimportant she was terrifying and sexy all at once, I know I would bend the knee. You can honestly tell she enjoyed kicking the men’s asses repeatedly.

We all knew Dr Strange was coming and actually having him in it was exactly what that part of the franchise needed, like having Hawkeye in the first Thor, it helps stop new additions to the Avengers feeling so forced. Finally as with any Marvel film there where so many easter eggs, The Revengers, fixing continuity issues with the Infinity Gauntlet, Korg, Meek, Topaz, Sakaar, The possible appearance of Thanos and so many more. With a pumping sound track, amazing special effects, comedy that actually lead to me hurting my sides and an over all compelling story that helped bring things full circle this really was one of the best Marvel films and shows that the MCU still has alot of steam left in her.

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