Spiderman homecoming and the gifts it keeps giving

So it goes without saying that Spiderman Homecoming was universally adored, obviously great casting, direction, effects and script all helped with that, but in this article I wanted to focus on the little touches that where made to really make this script pop and that is the addition of a number of minor and major characters from the Spiderman mythos that really help flesh the character out. Usually I hate it when comic book films take random characters from their respective series and just through them in, but in this case I really can’t complain, because Spiderman Homecoming places them in, making some tweaks – minor and major, to make it work and make you like the new character.

Spoiler Alert

Liz Allen -Laura Harrier – Originally in the comics Liz was kind of a bitch and someone who teased Peter but over time developed into someone who respected him for who he was. The film ditched this one dimensional girl and has her appear as Peters equal and took away any sign of her being a damsel in distress, making her a fully fleshed out woman. Not only this but they gave her depth letting her be someone who see’s Peter for what he is worth before everyone else.

Flash Tompson – Tony Revolori – Originally he was depicted as a big tough jerk here he has been re-imagined as a social media bully, from rich parents who dislikes Peter because he struggles to keep up with him.  This not only gives Flash more of a drive and shows that he isn’t a jerk he is someone with an inferiority complex. Also fans of the Marvel universe will all know that Flash is also destined to become Venom, but not for a long time.

Ned – Peters most ultimate bro, his wingman, his guy in the chair, Ned was every fanboy ever and lets face it we loved him for it. For the most part Ned is supposed to be an original character but in part Ned Leeds, one of the Hobgoblins, though he was mind controlled into becoming the Hobgoblin, so this could be an interesting way of developing his character in the future.

Betty Brant – Angourie Rice – In the comics she is the secretary to Peters boss but here this version of the character shares similarities with Gwen Stacy, having a long blonde hair and often wearing a black headband. She is a student of Midtown Science High School, and also is Liz Allan’s best friend. She hosts the school’s news report.

Mac Gargain – Michael Mando – Casting is brilliant for this, though I feel I should explain, Mac Gargain is also the spiderman villain known as the scorpion, though Mando does not embpdy any of scorpions pre-mutation traits, I feel that he would be perfect as an antagonist in a future film, just watch him in Better call Saul, or better yet Far Cry 3 and you will see this guy can be intimidating as hell.

The Shocker 1 and 2 – Both incarnations appear of this most underrated villain, both now working as part of vultures crew, with little nods to the original costume and a kind of altered power, but still a nice touch.

The Tinkerer – Michael Chernus – He is a weapon maker and ally of Vulture’s gang who makes weapons out of technology from the Chitauri, the Dark Elves, Ultron, and Stark Industries. When Adrian Toomes’ salvaging company goes out of business due to the formation of Damage Control, Phineas Mason helps Adrian Toomes in his crime spree where he builds the Vulture suit and creates modified versions of Crossbones’ gauntlets that shoot vibro-blasts out for Herman Schultz and Jackson Brice.

The Prowler – Donald Glover– I was just hyped for this one, The Prowler is a one time villain turner hero, he has a suit that grants him multiple powers, so hopefully we can see this in future Marvel films. Also this is the Ultimate version of the Prowler who is the uncle to Miles Morales the second Spiderman.

A few interesting touches

Happy, Tony and Pepper – In a nice nod to the fans they brought back three people who where instrumental in building the Marvel Universe up, especially giving John Favreua a bigger part. While showing that Tony has definately grown as a person, especially since he is back together with Pepper, which was just well nice.

Karen – Though Tony has moved on from Jarvis to the very Irish and very lovely sounding Friday, Peter has Karen in his suit and to voice Karen they got none other than Jennifer Connely, the wife of the man behind Jarvis, Paul Bettany.

Captain America – The Captain America educational videos are used to great comedic effect throughout the film, especially in one unique and special way.

The Death Star – Disney own the rights to Star Wars and having the Lego Death Star pop up was just a real tribute to nerd’s everywhere.

Damage Control – This is the fictional organisation that cleans up after all the big battles in the Marvel universe and apparently their is a pilot in the works, so it was a nice little look into their world.

Tributes to the greats – Both Howard Stark and Bruce Banner appear in Murals and photos respectively at Peter’s school

Principal Lessons – If Peter’s Principal looked familar it’s because the same actor played one of Captain America’s howling comandos and infact the two characters are related.

Iron Spider – Right at the end of the movie do we get to briefly see a look at a more up to date Spiderman suit, one that looks like Armour, though it’s a look but don’t touch thing.

BTW these are just the ones that I remember seeing, there is probably a lot that I missed, though after some reading I noticed that all of the staff in the school are based on actual Spiderman charcters so the writers really went to town on this one.

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