Why The Orville could be exactly what we need

As shows go this could be a big risk, science fiction and comedy should be easy to mix together but I often find that when people try they tend to miss the mark. The Orville may be the perfect show to buck this trend, now I understand that plenty of science fiction shows have great comedy in them but it’s harder when you put the comedy first or on equal footing. Where shows like Star Trek gave us a crew of bold explorers who went into the brave unknown to seek out new life ,a theme that Galaxy Quest would later parody, The Orville has a more mid teared group, some of humanity’s best but not our finest. A lot of people are comparing this show to the aforementioned Galaxy Quest but to me it seems like it’s more of a mix between Star Trek and the 1996 film Down Periscope.

A main reason why this show could work is that Seth Macfarlane created and stars in it, yes I know his foray into live action has been met with mixed success, but Seth is someone who loves Star Trek. He’s shown his love before in a Family Guy episode which featured the entire cast of Star Trek the Next Generation. Not only does Seth respect the classics but he is master at comedy, yes his humour does push boundaries but I have noticed that in real life he is an advocate for many liberal policies and free speech so yes he may be offensive but he is good at starting a dialogue, besides nothing will ever be funnier than Peter Griffin forgetting how to sit down.

The series won’t have just Seth to reply on, it has a strong and diverse cast, one key aspect of this cast is Adrianne Palicki, people should remember her as Bobbi Morse from Agents of Shield, in it she showed us she could be funny with good timing and the ability to make a joke at her own expense. She will be an excellent addition to the cast. With comedy actor Norm MacDonald, veteran actor Peter Macron, Star Trek Alumni Penny Johnson, Scott Grimes who seems to have been in everything and of course a small role for the always excellent Victor Garber this series is shaping up to be something spectacular. A great cast and a unique story are only two parts of the story, direction is hugely important and for the pilot there are fewer men better suited to this job than Jon Favreau with his ability to work actors that like to ad-lib and with Seth’s style this could create a monster of a hit.

The Orville cast and crew are heading to San Diego Comic-Con next month, panel will be on Saturday 22nd July from 4:15PM-5:15PM in Room 6A.

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