Adam West’s Greatest Cameos

For some people he was that guy who played Batman, for the rest of us he was the original Batman and now he is resting in peace. Adam West will be sadly missed, at aged 88 he left this world but not without leaving his mark upon it. A truly underappreciated actor he was unfortunately typecast but being the right mix of charming man and epic talent he was able to turn that typecast into something amazing and show us his range in a variety of ways, some wacky and others rather poignant.  Here are four of my favourite Adam West cameos that I feel best showcase the man’s talent:

The Simpsons

This episode my be remembered by many for Mr Plow but to me it’s always going to be all about West. He gently pokes fun at his past role while reminding the world that he didn’t need a suit to make him look good, everything we saw was as he said ‘Pure West.’

The Big Bang Theory

When the gang try and get Batman to show up for Sheldon’s birthday they truly out do themselves with a guest appearance by Adam West. What makes this cameo so great is the lampooning of all the previous Batman roles and not only reminding us that everything in his costume was ‘100 grade A West,’ but that he never needed to say he was Batman, he just showed us and people knew.

Family Guy

Ok this one is cheating because it went from a cameo into a main role but come on who didn’t love Mayor West? He was insane in the best way and Adam was totally comfortable letting the writers make him do anything, mix that with a deadpan delivery on power with Leslie Nielsen and you always had comedy gold.

Batman The Animated Series

Though I could have mentioned his minor role as the Mayor in The Batman how could I not mention his role as the Gray Ghost. his episode was so deep, heartfelt and meaningful. To this day I still think about it. The plot revolves around a fading actor, whose TV show inspired Bruce Wayne to become Batman. When crimes based on the show on this old TV series start happening across Gotham, Bruce needs to team up with his old idol to save the day. The episode is just beautiful and I honestly think some of the best written of its decade, it’s really worth a watch.

He will always be Batman and these little roles have shown us that. So Mr West you will be missed but thank you for entertaining us all these years.

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