Are you prepared for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Hotel Apocalypse on 26th April 2017?

On wednesday 26th April at 9AM PST is the moment most have either been excited or dreading for Hotel Apocalypse aka the Hotelpocalypse . Yes it’s now that time of the year again when everyone attending San Diego Comic-Con International 2017 enters the hotel lottery for a chance to get a downtown hotel. When I say everyone, I mean it as the media, professionals, creatives, volunteers, attendees etc all take part because at the end of the day there is more people attending than there is rooms available downtown. The fact is everyone wants a downtown hotel because it saves time to be within walking distance of the convention center and all the action that happens around it. As someone who has stayed in a few of the downtown hotels, I know all too well the advantages of having one. For example staying at the Hilton Bayfront allows you to keep an eye on the Hall H line, you can get a room with a view of the convention center so you and your group can determine when its time to join the line for a Hall H panel. Not to mention it’s a good place for celebrity spotting due to all the press interviews that happen at the Hilton Bayfront and of course some of them are staying there. Essentially before you take part in the hotel lottery, make sure you and your party have decided on which hotels you want to request for, believe me it takes some of the stress off. Make sure you take into consideration which hotels not to request for as they can still cancel on you even if it’s a non refundable reservation as was the case for us with Hotel Palomar which you can read about by clicking here.

If you need some inspiration then why not check out our guide to some of the downtown hotels by clicking here.

By now you should have received an email that was sent to all San Diego Comic-Con 2017 badge holders which includes the link to the waiting room and the hotel reservation request form.  Just like the hotel ticket badge sale earlier this year for Comic-Con 2017 everyone can start entering up to an hour (8AM PST) before the sale starts, into the waiting room. From 9AM PST, you will be entered randomly in line to fill in a hotel request reservation form. The most important thing to remember is that once you enter the page to the request form, you do not need to rush to fill in the form as the requests will be processed in the order from when you had access to the form and not when you submitted the form. So there is no need stress on being able to be able to type fast, all you can do is keep your fingers crossed and hope your group is granted access to the form sooner than later. Also Note: New this year you will be given the option to select up to six (6) downtown hotels and six (6) non-downtown hotels, for a maximum request of 12 unique different hotels. Only one (1) hotel selection is required to submit the form. Depending on what you want you can choose between 1 to 12 hotels. My advice is to keep your request list to the ones you really want, if you don’t get your top choices then don’t fret because at least you tried and there is always the waitlist option. We didn’t get our top 6 during the hotel lottery last year but we got our top choice, which was the Hard Rock hotel through waitlist, so never give up hope.

Good luck to those trying for a hotel during the hotel lottery on 26th April 2017 and don’t forget forms will be processed based on the time at which a user was granted access to the form — NOT the time at which the form was submitted.

Hilton Bayfront San Diego Hotel

For more information make sure you visit the official San Diego Comic-Con website by clicking here.

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