Which hotel should I choose for San Diego Comic-Con International 2017 during Hotelpocalypse?

The hotel lottery is happening this Wednesday 26th April at 9AM PST, but have you decided upon which hotels you want to request for? This year you can request up to 6 downtown and up to 6 non downtown hotels or you can simply put in one hotel. With so many hotels to choose from, which one should you choose?

There are many factors to consider including the most important which is distance to the Convention Center, after a long day inside the Convention Center the last thing you want is a long walk back to your hotel. Do you really want to have to walk 30 mins with an armful of swag and a large bags of stuff you purchased from the exhibitor hall? Having a hotel close to the Convention Center also means you can drop by your hotel to take a break, a much needed shower after queuing all night for a panel or to simply get a bite to eat where you can eat at an actual table and not on the floor. Another factor many consider is potential for celebrity sighting, let’s be honest many of us who attend San Diego Comic-Con International want to see our heroes and idols up close and personal. San Diego Comic-Con International is an opportunity for the best celebrity and fan encounter stories and selfies. However the closer you get to the Convention Center, the higher the price increases. After all you are paying for location more than anything.

Even if you know exactly what your priorities are picking a hotel can be difficult. So to help with the process I’ve compiled a list of (in my opinion) some of the best hotels to stay at, based on past experience and recommendations.

  • Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Aside from Hard Rock San Diego Hotel, the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel is probably the most coveted downtown hotel to stay at during San Diego Comic-Con, Why you ask? For starters it’s the hotel with the shortest walk to the Hall H line and if you get a room facing the convention center, you can keep an eye on the Hall H line so you know when you should start joining the queue. There is also less traffic, people and vehicles, to mingle through as you only need to cross the one road between the hotel to get to the convention center. It also provides easy access to all the offsite events happening in front of the hotel including those provided by FX and Fox Networks to promote their shows such as American Horror Story, The Strain, Fargo, The Simpsons etc. Not to mention all the celebrity spotting provided by staying at this hotel especially since they are either taking part in interviews or they’re also staying at the hotel. I remember the first time I stayed at this hotel I saw Elijah Wood, the cast of Nikita including Maggie Q and the cast of Fringe to new a few.

American Horror Story Hotel

  • Hard Rock San Diego Hotel

What can I say, staying at the Hard Rock San Diego Hotel during San Diego Comic-Con International actually makes you feel like a rock star from the service and even when you walk into the hotel. You do feel like a Vip though when you can just waltz past a crowd of fans at the hotel entrance, just by flashing your room key to security.

I know after a while it can be a hinderance when you have to show your room key to security just to get into the hotel and then again sometimes just to get into the lift to get to your room but the experience of staying at this hotel is worth it.

It definitely is a great place for celebrity spotting as they are all just casually hanging around. Some take a smoke break, others are waiting for the lift to head to an interview or to their room or the the rooftop party. I walked past Tom Felton as he was talking a smoke break at the hotel entrance. I walked past the Sherlock cast and crew as I was getting out of the lift. Saturday is the best day for celebrity spotting due to the annual EW party that takes place here on the rooftop.

  • Omni San Diego Hotel

This hotel is perfectly located near Petco Park and the Gaslamp Quarter, the rooms offer views of the Convention Center, which can help you keep an eye on the lines outside for panels including Hall H. Not to mention it’s located directly in front of the building where the Game of Thrones offsite event has taken place the past couple of years. You can read our review for last year’s Game of Thrones Hall of Faces experience by clicking here.

I love this hotel, it’s great to be able to hop back and forth between your hotel room and the Wired Cafe party. Even if you aren’t able to score an invite to Wired Cafe, don’t fret as the party provides the perfect opportunity for celebrity spotting especially in the lobby and lift areas. I’ve lost count of the amount of celebrities I see coming and going from this hotel and in the lifts. You can read about our experience at Wired Cafe by clicking here.

  • Hilton San Diego Gaslamp

For those who love to take part in all the offsite events that happen during San Diego Comic-Con International, this hotel is always in the middle of the action. In previous years it was next to events for Assassins Creed, South Park, Amazon Studios, The Walking Dead and many more.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

  • Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Just like the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel this hotel is located right next to the Convention Center, which is particularly handy especially if you want to be able to walk back and forth to drop off anything you buy or your swag hull from the exhibitor hall.

Good luck to all those taking part in the hotel lottery or rather hotelpocalypse.

For more information make sure you visit the official San Diego Comic-Con website by clicking here.

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