Music Festival Survival Guide – The Basics

The Essentials:

These are the things you’re going to want to spend some cash on, though not too much. In my next few articles I’m going to be discussing other things like clothes and emergency choices but these are your basics, your bread and butter.



I have seen many people come to festivals with what appears to be their school bags or suit cases, the school backpack is something cheap that you have on hand, but it does not hold much, the suitcase holds a lot and is easy to move but not in the mud. You want a proper backpack that can take some weight and has plenty of compartments in it for your stuff. Preferably you should try and get a waterproof one, if not covers can be purchased.


This is where you want to spend your cash. Remember a one man tent fits exactly one man you will not have room for much stuff, if you’re going with just one friend then perhaps you should get a shared dome tent so you each have rooms for yourselves, but maybe you like privacy then any decent 2 man tent should have enough room for you and your stuff. You want something lightweight and easy to set up. A pop up tent may be small but they are quick to use and most domes allow the outer part to be set up first so you don’t need to worry about rain. Most importantly you should set the tent up before you travel and make sure all the parts are there and in working order.



I have been to many festivals in my day and I have narrowed it down to several options each with their good and bad points.

The Kit Mat – if you’re young and probably drinking heavy then this one’s for you, it’s not very expensive but it’s not the best.

The Air Bed – it is a pain in the ass to blow up but it’s comfortable, you won’t fit this into a one man tent, I find it too much hassle and if it gets damaged then you’re kind of left in a bad situation.

Going rough – Why not just sleep on the floor of your tent, well it’s cheap but you’re going to be freezing, so I’d avoid this.

Self-Inflating Camping Mat Mattress – this is the best option, it’s as small as the kit mat, it’s harder to damage than the air bed and it’s quite comfy. It’s not going to be as good as your bed at home but for a few nights this is your best option.



Sleeping Bag

This ones up to you, if you’re a cold person get a 4 season bag, if you’re a warm person then go for a 1 or 2 season, me I prefer a proper camping sleeping bag, they are smaller and are easier to store, if it comes in its own bag then it’s your best option.


Toilet paper

Everybody poops – you’re going to need this.

Wet wipes, Deodorant and hand wash.

The baby wipe bath is a time honoured tradition and will make you a little more appealing. Hand wash will be your best friend for these festivals so bring two bottles.


It may rain and they may have showers, you will want this (also if there are showers bring some flip flops.)


Head torch

You’re going to want to see at night…


Plastic bottles

To put all your liquids in.

Bin bags

Festivals follow prison rules and bin bags are usually in short supply, I’ve traded bin bags for food, tent pegs and just to be on good terms with my neighbours, that and you need to put your garbage somewhere.

Sup bro, ya got any bags I can trade ya for

Sup bro, ya got any bags I can trade ya for

Your tickets

People can and do forget to bring these, don’t be one of them.



This is helpful going stag to a festival is a bold choice but ill advised.


Phone numbers

This is another useful thing, a list of emergency contact numbers, you know just in case.

Spork and Cup

This or chop sticks, they are versatile and you can even get a spoon, knife fork hybrid now that covers all the bases. As for the cup if I need to explain this then you’re an idiot and please don’t ever leave your house.





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