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Green Arrow #4 Comic Book Review

The brave and the bold bowman is back in his 4th installment and things with the ninth circle are really starting to heat up. Onto our 4th issue and this horrendously heinous group’s intentions are finally becoming clear.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.


Oliver and his allies are finally rallying to battle, while the Black Canary finds herself leading a one man charge and ending up in a very precarious situation, leaving us to wonder will this blonde siren fall or prevail, this series liked to tease us with death and betrayal which makes me think someone is going to die and she seems like the likely candidate.

Meanwhile Ollie has a rough reunion with his old comrade in arms John Diggle. The two eventually set aside their differences to do some sleuthing . It was nice to see these two in print form together, I won’t lie I was never his biggest fan in the live action series but seeing him in the comics really helps me appreciate Diggle as a character.  The guys are a dangerous team up and this issue sees the two of them diving head first into the fray, it’s going to be epic!

As for the style, the book is just beautiful. the art work is dark and gorgeous, totally drawing you in at every turn and it’s probably the best one in the series so far.

Green Arrow #4 is available to buy by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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