Music Festival Survival Guide Part 2 – Emergency and Clothing

Two things you can be certain of when you travel is that you will need clothes and emergency equipment and in this section I am going to deal with both these issue and hopefully sort you out on what you should bring.

In case of emergency:

You hopefully won’t need all of these but it can be handy to have so it’s best being prepared. Just try and figure out what problems can occur and how you can solve them. What’s the old phrase … knowing is half the battle.

First Aid Kit

For all your bumps and bruises, this can be very useful especially since festivals can turn into some of the filthiest  and wildest places in the modern world.

Duct Tape

It fixes everything. Fun fact- in World War 2 it was used to fix tanks so any small holes in your tent can easily be fixed with some duct tape.


Duct tape on its own is not enough, throw a tarp over your tent and it can add extra space to your sleeping quarters, or put it under to help conserve some heat.

Plastic Bags

If the rain hits hard you can put these inside your shoes to keep your feet dry or over your socks, it’s not going to win you any fashion awards but these can be helpful.


You really don’t want to have a festival baby do you, so bring some protection.


Indigestion tablets

You’re eating junk food and possibly ingesting alcohol so you’re going to want to bring these.

Spare tent pegs

Better to have than to need.


Keep all your lights going because that’s what you need to do!

Spare Tent

Just keep it in your car or to the side, it does not have to be expensive but it will be good if you’re in a dire situation and need to stay dry.


First off keep a spare set of clothes and shoes for when you’re travelling home. You can travel home in comfort and style.

As for the rest of the time dress for a wet summer, think ¾ length combats, hoodies and t shirts. It’s easier to keep these dry and it lets you have some layers.


You’re going to need socks and lots of them, so get them cheap and in bulk


Poncho or a rain coat – I have a great military poncho that makes me feel like Solid Snake, it can fit like 3 people and it covers everything, even my tent, so it’s multipurpose but bulky so I’d honestly advise the Mac in a Sack as it’s tiny ,versatile and just great all round.

As for shoes, an old pair of trainers and some wellies, fun fact they were worn and popularized by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. The  novel “Wellington” boot became a staple of hunting and outdoor wear for the British aristocracy in the early 19th century.

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