Music Festival Survival Guide Part 3-Going from survive to thrive

Right you have packed all your basics; you have a tent, you have your clothes and your wet gear, so what’s next? How to do we hit the pros, well that’s easy, it’s time to up your game. At this point I’m going to warn you, do not go all Skymall on us, these are just a  few simple ideas that will help make you a little more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Creature comforts:

Fleece Blanket

This is not the most important thing in the world but none of this list is, but maybe the sleeping bag is too warm or maybe it’s not warm enough but this can be very useful in keeping you comfortable so bring one just in case.


I don’t know about you but dearest readers but I like my head to be comfortable and a pillow is much better than a rolled up hoodie, a pillow can be very useful  as they can make those awful nights sleeps just that little bit better.

Toilet seat covers

Yes, if you’re a clean freak then these will be for you. (Maybe some disposable gloves too, those toilets can get real manky.)

Portable charger

Phones use up a lot of battery and this can be the difference between life and death, of your phone.

Caffeine pills

Maybe you wanna skip that awful trip home on the Monday then why not take some caffeine pills and get home on the Sunday night.

Ear plugs

Can help with a good night’s sleep and maybe some of the louder music, if it’s likely to bother you.

Plastic storage box

You can get some of these that are near impossible to break, it can serve as a way to keep your stuff dry or just a handy make shift table, but it’s best to make sure you have some space in your tent.


There is nothing quite like sitting round at night in a circle with your nearest and dearest just chilling out. I really advise the camping chair as it’s lightweight, durable and easy to replace.

Fairy lights

Finally this is definitely not an essential but hanging a few fairy lights up inside your tent can be an interesting way to get past your darkness problems.

Food and Drink

A mans gotta eat, it’s an old truth and you will have plenty of food options at festivals so you don’t need to bring too much to eat, just some water bottles to refill and cereal bars, maybe cured meats and breads would be a good option to give you something to snack upon. If you want alcohol then that’s a personal choice and if you’re going to bring it, go for the box of wine, or rather the bag inside it as it’s easy to smuggle past security and it’s light weight which is always a plus.


Tom Foolery

Glow sticks, glow in the dark gloves, capes, jester hats, costumes that aren’t too offensive, beer pong, face paint and UV nail polish can all help up your festival game so go on and let out your inner party animal

Lighters and cigarettes

Finally like i said earlier it;s prison rules and lighter and cigarettes can be good to trade with other people so lock that shit down when you get there.

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