You’ve Got to be Joking! Fan supposedly threatens to sue Warner Brothers over lack of Joker scenes in Suicide Squad!

Suicide Squad tells an interesting story about a group of super-villains forced to save the world from an even greater evil, if you’re thinking that this story sounds weird, wait till you hear the story it spawned.  Reddit user BlackPanther2016 has threatened to begin legal action against Warner Bros and DC Comics, citing that teasing Joker scenes in trailers that did not make the final film amounts to “unjust false advertising”.  BlackPanther2016 speaks of how he traveled 300 miles to see this movie from Scotland to London (Did England take all the Scottish cinemas in response to the Brexit vote?) and how after he complained to the staff in the cinema they laughed at him and kicked him out and how he now feels he needs compensation from Warner Brothers and DC over this.

What i believe BlackPanther2016 looked like as he drove 300 miles to London

What I believe BlackPanther2016 looked like as he drove 300 miles to London.

I will be honest I am in 3 camps on this one;

Camp 1-

I do feel some sympathy. We were promised a particular film, well not promised I’d say offered and what we got was different, though to be honest the scenes he spoke of I noticed their absence too and I chalked this up to the re-edits and the fact that cutting and distributing both a trailer and a film is a slow process. Once these wheels started turning it’s hard to stop. Though to say that the trailers are an unfair representation of the film is mind boggling.

Camp 2 –

Is this really real, or is this a Marvel fan boy trolling everyone? With a screen name like BlackPanther2016 this native Scots Man is either a Marvel fan, the rare radical African Scottish Nationalist or a nature enthusiast . Since he claims to have drove 300 miles to see the movie I guess he is a comic book nerd (like myself) so probably a fan of Black Panther and who isn’t the character is just awesome. (Also who drives to London as train or flight may have worked out cheaper, because it’s not like anyone sensible is going to drive 300 miles home right away after a movie.)

Camp 3-

This is where I may get some hate, but camp 3 is the YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING JOKING ME CAMP. It is a movie and it’s far from the worst movie ever (Check out Birdemic or maybe Will Smith’s Wild Wild West which though fun is just awful). With at least 9 characters worth mentioning and a 123 minutes of screen time including credits and other unimportant people it’s still leaving you 13 minutes per character, not to mention that there is going to be a more complete version of the film to come out. Dude if this is serious and Suicide Squad upset you this much then you may need some help or a fucking hug. Sorry to be an asshole on this but as someone else who is from the UK, our country is going through a lot of other troubles these days so maybe take this pent up energy and go out and do something productive.

BlackPanther2016 after being forced to leave the cinema

Maybe what BlackPanther2016 looked like after being forced to leave the cinema

Though I fully Support your freedom and right to proceed with legal proceedings, if this is real, I just can’t help but think of Bohemian Rhapsody’s infamous words :

Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality

Open your eyes

Look up to the skies and see.

If you want to read the Reddit Post have a look here. In the end I really hope this is fake and just trolling but I guess only time will tell. BlackPanther2016 claims he and his brother will start legal proceedings on the 11/08/2016.

BlackPanther2016 all dressed up for court

Probably what BlackPanther2016 will look like all dressed up for court

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