Suicide Squad (2016) A Short & Spoiler Free Film Review

I have spent part of my morning reading through other’s thoughts on Suicide Squad; about it being a bad film, a film we don’t deserve to sit and watch through, one of the worst films ever made, a waste of time, a waste of talent etc. To those reviews I really need to say, get over yourselves, it’s just a summer blockbuster popcorn movie and I have seen far worse than this. The movie starts off with a strong first act and a good second act, with plenty of stylish scenes and some fantastic action, I mean it’s not Bayhem / Snyder action where you’re not really sure what is going on.

I won’t say too much about the cast, we will save that for our proper review, what I will say is this :


They all where brilliant, we got Will Smith, Joel Kinnaman was an awesome Rick Flag, Jared Leto created a whole new Joker for us, Viola Davis showed us why Amanda Waller should be feared, Jai Courtney managed to make Captain Boomerang cool and if I say any more it may lead to spoilers so I will keep my mouth shut. But I will say this Margot Robbie stood out as Harley Quinn, she was everything the character is and so much more.


Suicide Squad had one major surprise in it for me, its amazing sound track, I was shocked at how good it was not to mention all the extra songs in the film, every other scene had another great track in it. Every track just helped enhance the scenes they were used in. Beyond sound the visuals where just mind blowing, maybe it was an artistic shot, a wonderful little flash back, some great CGI or lots of practical effects, but still visually this movie is a great treat for the eyes.

One thing I will say before I go on is I hate the Guardians of the Galaxy comparison, the films are very different and the themes are very different. Guardians of the Galaxy is a fun happy film about a group of lovable rogues and scoundrels who decide to become heroes, this is a movie about a group of murderous killers forced into black ops work. Ignore the comparisons!

This is a dark twisted fun film. In its third act it is where it falls flat, the villain could have been fleshed out more, but where did we have the time for that? The characters had a real chance to become more developed but once again where did we have the chance for that and maybe we could have had more, but my counter point is simple, if the film was longer were people going to enjoy it?


The critics may hate it but the fans love it so all I can say is watch it yourself and remember in the end it’s just a fucking movie.

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  1. I agree on almost all accounts here. I didn’t hate this film at all and although the “main” plot is poor, the characters go some way to making up for it. Loved the soundtrack too.


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