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Batman #2 Comic Book Review

When we last left ‘Batman’ in this, his title series, he had a well timed assist from a couple of new heroes in his city. As we all know, ‘Batman’ can be a little hostile towards unknown entities (#BatmanvsSuperman) so the stage was well and truly set for a good dose of ‘Batman’ style interrogation!

Warning: There may be possible spoilers ahead.


Luckily for these fledgling heroes, however, Batman’s more recent brush with death seems to have brought forth a mellower and almost considerate side, as he immediately seems to give them the benefit of the doubt. Instead, he seems to focus on whether these new recruits are up to the task and evaluates them in terms of their ability to safeguard his beloved city.

Although the arrival of two new Superheroes, is itself a good focal point for a story-arc, this issue offers the reader a new point of intrigue and questions of ‘Gotham’s’ and ‘Gotham Girl’s’ identities are, momentarily, put to one side.

What, I hear you ask, is more important that discerning two new players identities? Well how about an appearance from ‘Hugo Strange’, ‘Amanda Waller’ and ‘Sam Lane’ as well as a suggestion of the coming of the ‘Monster Men’?

For those that don’t know their ‘Batman’ history, the ‘Monster Men’ were the result of an experiment by ‘Hugo Strange’ himself. They are, for want of a better word, zombies with a cannibalistic appetite and are therefore, a pretty horrific opponent. Those that know ‘Hugo Strange’ will know that he is one of ‘Batman’s’ longest running adversaries and even predates the ‘Joker’ himself. For those that want a more involved history I suggest you make your way to a well known internet search engine and start typing…

So yes, although these foes may have been faced before, we have to remember that 10 years of our heroes’ lives have been erased. Given this, these old adversaries will be unknown to ‘Batman’ and any interactions he has with them or their creator, will be very new. So, for those that are aware of the prowess of the ‘Monster Men’, this is all very exciting news!

In terms of the story itself, thus far, King has woven a tale worthy of this feature title. ‘Batman’ titles, like the prolific ‘Detective Comics’ have famously featured tales full of intrigue and mystery, and King’s tale, thus far, is no different. Finch’s drawings, in turn, add texture and extra dimensions to King’s characters allowing them the grit and determination of the city that surrounds them.

In all, King continues to give us a snapshot of a more approachable ‘Batman’, as well as a full appreciation of both the city of ‘Gotham’ and its inhabitants, making ‘Batman: Rebirth #2’ an exciting and riveting read.


Score; 8.5/10

Batman #2 is available to buy from today by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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