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Batman #52 Comic Book Review

As a long-term Batman fan and DC fanatic, it goes without saying that I was more than a little enthused when I was offered the opportunity to review the latest offering, in the New 52’s ‘Batman’ series. I will also admit that ‘enthused’ may not truly convey the level of my feelings and will instead admit to a jumping around (a lot) as well as a fair amount of ‘Breakfast Club’ air punches…

Warning: There may be possible spoilers ahead.

Batman 52

Batman #52 heralds the end of Batman’s escapades in this Universe, in preparation for Re-Birth (I’ll explain that another day). The ‘Batman’ series has, arguably, been the true flagship of the New 52. For one… Batman. But it also holds one of the rare accolades of being a series that has managed to see it all the way through.


Those that have read the series will be aware that the main story arcs ended with #50, making this issue a stand-alone tale. ‘Batman’ has been through a lot in the previous 51 issues and, as a direct result, so has the reader. This issue, however, allows the reader to take a moment to reflect on this prolific character, and get a glimpse into what really makes him tick.

James T Tynion IV has managed to weave a heartfelt tale that takes the reader on a journey through time, whilst keeping us well grounded in Batman’s present. We are given a front row seat to Batman’s journey from tormented child to brooding hero as well as a thrilling chase around the current streets of Gotham. Tynion has also paid a fitting tribute to a number of characters that really helped to shape Bruce Wayne, including the compassionate Leslie Thompkins, as well as Batman’s staple right hand man, Alfred.

In a perfect pairing, Rafael Albuquerque illustrations are a fantastic combination of current as well as a throw back to a more classic drawing style, from eras gone by. The colour palettes chosen also enables a clear distinction between the past and present, allowing the reader a clear comparison of the Dark Knight’s previous and current mental state.

In all, this issue is a fitting end to what has been a resounding series. We are truly brought back to the true foundations of the character and are treated to a rare glimpse of the Batman’s innermost thoughts. So yes, ‘Holy rusted metal Batman’, this is worth a read.

Score 9/10

Batman #52 is available to buy from today by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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