My Top 10 Bowie Songs

Out of all my top ten lists this has been the hardest to put together. I kept finding so many great tracks and this has chopped and changed on more than on occasion but they are all still great.

Life On Mars

If you are ever in Belfast on a Friday Night and the Glamorama is on, head there because it usually finishes with this song, it’s explosive and you can not help but try and hit those notes when it’s played.


This is one I discovered through my Mum as she used to listen to all these easy listening radio stations and one day this came on and I was like ok now I want to swim, like dolphins can swim. Fun fact after one 16 hour shift last week I was driving home and this came on, my response was to take a slightly longer route home so I could just hear the whole song, now that’s how you know it’s a great tune.

Space Oddity

What a song, this one will take you on a trip and never stop going, this song is a peice of pop culture, who doesn’t know about ground control to Major Tom?? Nuff said!!


In my mind David Bowie will always be the Starman, because he did blow our minds, this being the controversial appearance on TV that upset people due to his gender being a little too confusing for the people of the day.

Oh You Pretty Things

I was 16 year old walking to the train for school on a snowy morning in January listening to best of Bowie copied onto my mini disc player when this came on. It stayed on that song for the rest of the day, i could not get enough of it and to this day I still can’t.

Absolute Beginners

Funny thing about this song, I was not a fan of it when I first heard it, but several years later I was driving to work and I had just got this promotion, one that I was kinda freaking out over and this came on and it just resonated with me.

Little Wonder

A song that I was laughed at for liking, well you know what I love this song, it’s so weird and bizarre but it’s brilliant and what a dance track, don’t even read about this just go watch the video.

Under Pressure

For me this is the song that started it all. It was my first exposure to Bowie and it’s just one of the greats and another uplifting tune. This was a song my parents had on cassette, a cassette that I destroyed from listening far too much on regular a basis. It’s something we can all relate too, because at some point we have all felt under pressure, some more often than not.

The Stars

This one was Bowie reminding us that he is still around and that age can only define us if we let it. The video was directed by Canadian director Floria Sigismondi. It stars Bowie and English actress Tilda Swinton as his wife. Once I heard this song I had to rush out and by the CD, it was 11pm at night, I am not joking about that. It’s fast paced, melodic and deep, but it’s utterly Bowie, pure and simple.

All the Young Dudes

This one was not even one of his songs originally, well he did write it, so in my mind this is one of his. It’s a song that I can relate to, I would like to think of myself as a young dude, though I fear that everyday takes me away from that, but still every time I hear this song I cannot help but sing a long and have some fond memories at the glam rock theme nights that me and several friends attend by standing in a circle arms in the air and belting this one out. It’s just uplifting and brilliant.

There where so many other tracks I wish i could have used like Ziggy Stardust, Little Drummer Boy, Let’s Dance, Little China Girl,Everyone Says Hi and Rebel Rebel. So many tracks I know alot of people will disagree with my choices but even I am not sure about them, so I hope everyone can find at least one track they like here.

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