Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) Film Review


This film has received a lot of hate online and a lot of critics have more or less shit on it but I loved it. It was just a silly fun film that let me escape to another world for a short period of time. This film kicked ass and dug up quite a few fond memories for me including my childhood in scouts, ATC and Duke of Edinburgh. It really is a solid picture and it’s definitely worth watching.

The film is about a zombie virus that gets loose on a small town and the only obvious survivors are a stripper and three boy scouts consisting of the sensible one, the horny one and the nerdy one. This unlikely team will need to over come their differences and the undead in order to save the day and one of their true loves. It’s outrageous, extravagant, insane and utterly brilliant.


The film’s cast had all the major archetypes filled out perfectly:

  • Tye Sheridan as Ben who happens to be the nice guy with no luck.
  • Logan Miller as Carter Grant or the walking erection.
  • Joey Morgan as Augie and the loveable fat ass.


We all know that these guys will rise to the challenge and save the day but what I loved is right off the bat you have Denise (Sarah Dumont), who is a confident badass. Denise is pretty much instrumental in all the group’s early successes. It’s nice to see the lady kicking most of the ass and pulling the boys asses out of the fire on more than one occasion.


Yes I’m well aware that I said she is a stripper although by her own admission she is a cocktail waitress in a strip club. Maybe I’m wrong there but still they keep her single,kinda terrifying and while the other three are screaming like babies she keeps a cool head and women’s up!

Though the real show stealer for me has to be David Koechner, I won’t say what he does but he pops up frequently and gets more and more hilarious as the film goes on.


The film has plenty of over the top humour and more than a few boob and dick jokes but since the main cast are supposed to be teenage boys, what can you expect? Yes these can grow old but I feel the film puts a very unique spin on them which makes for a very unique set of laughs. Mixed in with this is some very good practical effects but let’s face it any zombie film worth its sauce is going to have great effects and this does not disappoint. Beyond all the obvious stuff is a subtle tale about growing up and how sometimes it’s better to make sacrifices for the friends you have than trying to impress a bunch of twats which is a tale as old as time.

maxresdefault (1)

Rounding out this fun film is a sound track as varied as my Amazon playlist. The soundtrack includes songs by The Scorpions, Iggy Azalea, Dolly Parton and even a Britney Spears musical number. It’s not going to shock you with plot twists but as we head into November this film is definitely what you’re going to need before you begin all that crazy holiday shopping. All in all this is a fun film with a great cast and a fun story with plenty of foreshadowing and zombie boobies (you will understand once you see the film).

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