Niko and the Sword of Light (2015) Amazon Pilot Review

Its been quite a few years since Avatar: The last Airbender ended and nothing has really ever come close to taking its place. Now I will say I am a huge Legend of Korra fan but those shows have a very different tone and style. It’s in this train of thought that I was so pleased to discover Niko and the Sword of Light. This is a charming pilot that started out as an animated comic book. The official website itself best describes the series by saying;

‘A boy alone, lost in a savage land ruled by darkness. His people gone. His kingdom a smoldering ruin. His only hope is Niko and the Sword of Light; a magical relic, forged by the ancient gods – and the only thing powerful enough to return his land to freedom… ‘

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Though I have already stated this pilot reminds me of Avatar: The Last Air Bender, it also has brought back fond memories of Samurai Jack, and when I compare them I only do so with the highest respect. The pilot follows our young protagonist on his journey to rid the world of darkness. A simple concept and with some good life lessons, it’s fun for all ages. I know this is aimed at kids but it really has the potential to be one of the classics, the great ones that you watch as a kid and then you can watch with your kids.


With fantastic animation, some nice action sequences and some very colourful characters, voiced by talents such as Bradley D Baker and Steve Blum, the pilot really has potential. In the end the best quality that this pilot has is that it does not treat its audience like idiots, too many childrens shows fall into that trap. Niko and the Sword of Light avoids this. It’s not Game of Thrones or anything of that depth, it is simple but it’s not stupid and that’s the beauty of this adventure. It’s one lone kid against the world, what child can’t relate to that, as pilots go it has that nice moral about facing your fear alone and letting your light shine in the darkest moments. A great kid’s pilot that anyone can enjoy and I look forward to seeing more episodes in the future for this exciting new Amazon series.

You can watch the pilot episode for free on Amazon Prime

For more information visit the official website at

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