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Ursa Minor Issue #1 Comic Book Review

Vampires and werewolves has really been done to death, maybe we can blame Underworld for starting us down this path or just blame Twilight because everyone blames Twilight, or maybe it’s our fault as an audience for wanting more and more of the stuff. While at Emerald City Comic Con 2015 last month, I went out of my way to find new and interesting comics to read. This is a comic book series that takes a different look at tried and tested forumulas.


The orginal plot to the mini series is as follows – Nature’s supernatural balance is shattered when werewolves kill the President and vampires come to mankind’s aide. Now, one girl with a power she can barely control sets out to right what has gone horribly wrong the only way she knows how. Kill them all! This is directly from the creators website.

So without reading the original series I grabbed a copy of issue one of this new series and I was pulled in and couldn’t take my eyes away. It’s violent, bloody, sexy and deals with issues that we have in our real world including discrimination, censorship, apathy and internet coverage. I found it’s surprisingly relevant. The story so far is pretty in depth with several stories converging down one big bloody path. The artwork is beautiful, dark, colourful and features many night scenes with lots of shadow, all in all it’s very impressive. If all of this does not sell the series to you, should I mention that our protagonist is not a vampre or a werewolf but instead has the power to turn into a bear, how awesome is that?

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