McDonalds makes its debut at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival


Some think McDonald’s decision to be at SXSW probably wasn’t the wisest one to make, they questioned if they even had the right crowd to market at SXSW. They say those attending SXSW tend to favour a healthier lifestyle and eating healthy and that McDonald’s doesn’t provide the right type of food to cater to that particular crowd.

However not everyone, myself included, would say no to a McDonald’s. I think it provides another option for food especially when 150,000 people attending SXSW need to be fed breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the festival. Hey if other corporate companies including Coca-Cola can sponsor technology events, then why not McDonald’s?

Of course a company such as McDonalds wouldn’t spend probably millions of dollars in sponsorship deals without getting something back in return. According to the company’s first-ever Chief Digital Officer Atif Rafiq, McDonald’s is attending SXSW 2015 to “showcase how we’re using digital to enhance the customer experience.” With their “Fry-Fi” food truck, they intend to enhance the customer experience of standing in line for their food by providing attendees with free Wi-Fi. If you are interested in free McDonald’s during SXSW, watch out for their food truck.


Nearby will also be the McDonald’s Lounge, where you can enjoy some McCafé coffee on “comfortable couches,” while listening to their panels and officially sponsored SXSW pitch sessions. In these, it will seek answers to the question, “How will McDonald’s help lead the next generation of customer experience?”

There will be three official SXSW pitch sessions sponspored by McDonald’s:

1. “Reinventing the Restaurant Experience,” presenters are encouraged to think “about multiple screens, proximity technology, personalization, and even smart packaging.”

2. “Content Creation” is about coming up with ideas that help McDonald’s “stay relevant.”

3. “Transportation and Delivery” is an opportunity for the big ideas, maybe our food delivered by drone technology?

McDonald’s promises the winner a trip to its headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, where the idea goes before company executives.

As bold as their concept may be, I wouldn’t be surprised if within a few years they have drones delivering fast food to customer orders on the go via wi-fi, if Amazon can do it then I guess they could do it for food too.

The 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival will run from March 13 to March 17 in Austin, Texas.


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