Comics/Graphic Novels

Interview with Artist Ann Harrison


Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

My name is Ann Harrison; I work as the artist on Bunsen Bunnies.

Your exhibition last month was based on the videogames you played as a child, what games stick out to you the most?

I’m a complete Mario fan girl, I have been playing them since the first one. I keep buying consoles just to play the next Mario game.

Can you tell our readers a bit about Bunsen Bunnies?

It’s, it’s a web based comic about Frankenstein and his hench bunnies, Frank doesn’t really understand what a lab rabbit is for so he trains them up to be assistants, cleaners, cooks. The lab rabbits are really ignorant to make sure he never finds out what work he needs them for. They have a special ops team to rescue all the bunnies in the lab to try and make sure he never finds them.


We currently have 6 issues out online and we sell prints too, we are currently raising money to have actual printed issues out later this year.  We are tempted to try a Kick-starter again.


You can find Ann and her prints at

MCM Belfast Comic Con

7th – 8th June 2014 – Kings Hall Complex, Belfast.


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