Ann Harrison Exhibition, Wicker Man, Belfast – May 2014


Ann Louise Harrison, a talented artist/illustrator from Belfast is showcasing her work at The Wicker Man, Belfast and Nerdgeist had the pleasure of attending her opening night.


Her work contains an eclectic mix of characters both human and animal and this can also be seen in her collaborative work on Bunsen Bunnies, an online web comic with John Clerkin and Derm McGuigan. ¬†Many of Ann’s pieces may seen relatively simple upon initial viewing but look closer and you will see that there is more than meets the eye making them a joy to view. ¬†Bunnies, dogs and cats are a common thread through her work. ¬†Bunnies, obviously due to her to work on Bunsen Bunnies, the little Jack Russell that crops up is based on her own dog, and the black cat is based on her partner’s cat. ¬†It’s lovely seeing that there is a personal link between Ann and the subjects of her work as well as understanding some of the inspiration – I love the stories of how she became inspired to create her works and I hope you are lucky enough to meet Ann to hear these stories.


Also, Ann is raising money for the worthwhile cancer charity, CLIC Sargent and there is a board containing a pet hotel comprising of single rooms, double rooms and a penthouse.  Many of the rooms are booked but some are still available.  A single room can be booked for a donation of £5 and double rooms for £10.  A donation sum has not been decided for the penthouse, so if you are feeling generous please feel free to make an offer!  A room can be booked directly with Ann or, when visiting the exhibition, it can be booked with one of the friendly staff at the Wicker Man.  Finally, the original completed artwork will be given to CLIC Sargent appeal.

Pet Hotel


Not only is this a great exhibition giving the public a chance to view Ann’s work in person but with the pet hotel it is a chance to donate to a good cause. ¬†The location of the exhibition in the Wicker Man is perfect and they should be commended for having a space in the shop specifically to allow artists to showcase their work. ¬†The Wicker Man donates the dedicated space to artists a month at a time. ¬†It works well because it gives the public a chance to see work that they may not necessarily see in a traditional gallery.

Ann’s exhibition continues until the end of May and we would urge you to check it out, buy and donate!

Ann Louise Harrison exhibition ends 31st May.  Located in The Wicker Man, 44-46 High Street, Belfast, BT1 2BE.

Links: Celtic Dragon Studios, Bunsen Bunnies, The Wicker Man and CLIC Sargent

You can follow Ann on Twitter: @AnnimatedDragon and Facebook: Celtic Dragon Studios

You can view more photos of the Art Gallery Exhibition opening night on our Facebook

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