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The Extinction Parade-Comic Book Review


From Max Brooks,the mind behind  Zombie Survival Guide and the terrifying World War Z, comes this new comic series that takes a fresh look at Vampires. So sit back and enjoy The Extinction Parade. This series makes me think of the Latin phrase per ardua –‘through adversity’. The series at its core deals with the concept of strength through adversity. In it we see Vampires as super strong and a predator who has never had any fear before, never had any major worries or challenges and never even had to try before. We now see them facing a zombie outbreak. At the beginning of the series this is all good, it’s even funny to the Vampires, this species that they prey on and think little of is now under attack and for them it’s, according to the author, the lasts days of Rome and  one big party. Sadly parties can’t last forever and very soon this long lived but short sighted species is going to have to face the sad truth that their only viable food source is fighting a war they can’t hope to win.

On the surface Vampires are powerful deadly creatures, they are faster than most cars, they are incredibly strong, they are long lived and have countless life times of experience, but they are quick kill beasts, they are used to a fight but not a war, their lifetimes may have left then knowledgeable but its left them arrogant, their pride and all their strengths are their greatest weaknesses. Max brings this concept to the forefront in his story, the Vampires don’t have all the things we have to keep ourselves in line, they don’t know their own limits, they don’t have a chain of command, they don’t have any rules and they lack strategy, they are going to have to develop in a very short time what has taken us millions of years of evolution to establish. Just to keep you informed these vampires are more like the ones I grew up with, somewhere between the monster of Nosveratu and the sparkly chest of Edward Cullen, these are like the beasts from Buffy, John Carpenter’s Vampires, Blade and From Dusk to Dawn.

We have spoken at great length about the Vampires ,maybe now you should hear about the Zombies. Max Brooks is definitely no stranger to the Zombie Genre. He has given us two great additions to it (and one film that is the same name as his book). Max see’s Zombies as truly terrifying because unlike other horror genre’s they are actually scary, its not a case of buying a Haunted House, or going to an abandoned Summer camp.Those are what he refers to as punishment movies, dumb people go to dangerous places and die, zombies on the other hand come for you. Due to the fact that Vampires are already dead the Zombies or Sub-Dead pretty much avoid them during their early encounters but that does not mean that they go unnoticed.

The art is unique and wonderful to look at, though brutal and dark its still quite beautiful and never once shy’s away from showing you the horrible world it presents. This book is dark, funny, philosophical, smart and engrossing with every page drawing you further and further in, you will grow to love this look.

You can check out our interview with Max Brooks here

Max Brook’s Extinction Parade Vol.1  [Paperback] will be out on 15th September 2014, you can preorder it here

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