Bosch (2014) Amazon Pilot Review


Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch has made the jump from the pages of our books (written by Michael Connelly)  to the TV screen all thanks to Amazon who green-lit the project near the end of last year. With a solid background of stories to pick from and a strong lead in the form of veteran actor  Titus Welliver this series may be one of the great procedural police story greats.


For fans of the books, unfortunately there have been changes, but please don’t hold that against the series, try and be positive and think well at least I am in for a few surprises along the way. Emmy nominated writer Eric Overmyer (The Wire, Treme) has been the one to make the changes so it’s a win for everyone.

At the beginning of the series Harry is standing trial for the cold blooded killing of a suspected serial killer, on his down time he becomes alerted to the remains of a young boy and becomes entwined in the hunt for a possible serial killer. The show is a slow burner, this isn’t  a bad thing, too often these days we see police officers wrapping up crimes in 40 minutes, its rather dull, this way we see a man not only struggling with the crime but his own inner turmoils. Bosch is a dark series and this contrast with beautiful sunny California is wonderful. It’s driven by a lead character who is complex but still straight forward, half down to great writing and half down to great acting. I wont lie at first I was a bit meh towards this series but as the pilot went on I was further and further drawn in.


The pilot seems to be based in the book City of Bones, any fans of the series will be happy to know. I really don’t want to give to much away so once again please go check it out.

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