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A preview on Journey to the Middle Kingdom

During our continual search to find whats new and whats awesome this project was brought to my attention. I am a huge fan of history and mythology so when I first saw the preview for Journey to the Middle kingdom I kinda lost my sh*t. The story revolves around three young heroes who are plucked from their normal day to day lives by the Jade Emperor and sent back in time to help save heroes of Chinese myth. This is a grand task and on their quest Michelle, Jason, and Sabrina have been given a way to defend themselves, the Jade Emperor gives the heroes three magical calligraphy brushes. The brushes allow the user to draw a Chinese character in the air. Whatever you write, becomes real, the only limit will be their imagination.


I am loving the art work, its fresh, clean cut and stunning to just look at. The fact that Jonathan Hop (The Creator) has decided to fill this world with Chinese mythology only sweetens the pot. Mythology in comics is nothing new, Greek, Norse, Roman and Japanese myth are common sites in your average comic book but Jonathan has given us a window into a less seen world and I am hoping this will entice a few readers to go out and learn more about China’s Myths and Heroes. Even this story has made me feel nostalgic reminding me of old story’s where young hero’s are sent to another world to save it, like the never ending story or the Forbidden Kingdom, but here the writer has given them a unique for of combat that maybe in defense it could be a weapon but its also a tool, the calligraphy brushes have a duality that gives this series so much possibility and I can not wait to see more from it.

For more information check out his home page here and his kickstarter here.


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