So you want to play Magic the Gathering? Part 6 Red

Now we are coming to an end on our journey with the colours of magic and I thought I would finish with a bang, we are going to be seeing red for the next article as we discuss the color of impulse and chaos that is red. When Red opens their eyes every morning is a few opportunity for life to go that one step further, Red is in a constant state of emotion, Red has a lust for life that none can contend with. Red lives in the now without caring what happens next, sure what lies round the corner might be awful and terrible but it might also be wonderful and beautiful, there is no way to know until you arrive there.


Love, beauty, passion and Freedom these are what red strives for and what it will continue to push for; it will never stop; only death will stop it. Red’s greatest strength is its greatest weakness, Red acts without thinking; they are so passionate that they jump into the jaws of death, leaping without thinking. This bravado, this confidence throws many off but Red can easily be over confident in what Red does. Where white and Green focus on the needs of the many, Red is the kind of person who will ask you, what do you need?


In combat Red feels truly alive and fights without mercy, for their opponent or themselves, Red is full of love, just for those that they consider their loved ones, it’s this love that drives Red to such extremes. Red like many martial artists (including Bruce Lee) considers the quick victory to be most important, don’t ever hold back, in many ways holding back would be an insult to your opponent and yourself, life is too short for such things.


Though this unpredictability and passionate style of existence makes Red incredibly tough to face in combat it also means that unless they get the quick win they will be defeated, Red cannot hold out in a slug fest and their unpredictable nature means a well thought player can beat them, if only they keep their cool. Finally red does have one side of him the other colors don’t have, self-sacrifice, Red does not like to beaten, Red has cards that will kill him just so his opponent cannot win, even black who is full of fear would never go this far, but that’s what makes Red so fun to play.

Opinions on other Colors


While white is all about order, it’s also about love, Red sees that when White gathers it followers together it’s in large amounts and it cares for them very deeply. Sadly the laws that white uses to control its populace limit Red too much and in his naive view the world would be better off free of law.


Red and Green both really follow the don’t tread on my policy, they like to live the way they were born, Red just grates frustrated with Greens lack of action, it sits blindly protecting life, life that doesn’t even care about it, while Red just protects those that it loves.


These two colours are very far apart but don’t always disagree, they both agree that they hate to be tied down by other limits, this is a fundamental belief at both of their cores, sadly that’s all they have in common, when it comes down to it it’s a battle of impulse vs logic, brain vs heart, there is never going to be a clear winner between these two old foes.


Red and Black get a long great like 2 old pals one bring the booze and one brings the noise, I have friends like this too, only after a while one gets annoyed at the other, in this case Red gets annoyed at Blacks attitude, sure sometimes red acts like a dicks and hurts someone, but never deliberately, Black just goes too far and does this on purpose, Black simply put can’t handle the party.

A little sample of Reds Flavour will show you that this guy means business. Time is of the essence for a Red deck, Haste is a common feature of Red cards, this lets creatures attack as soon as they are played, some that have haste will die that turn also. Direct damage is another favoured tool of the red Deck, quick and powerful that’s their style.

Red also has a good amount of land and artefact destruction, early game can be very devastating for a good Red player, a final mention is Red’s ability for Mana gain, it can get a short term boost to its resources, that can be very effective, but as with all things red this can and  will burn out.


So if you enjoy the Bruce Lee philosophy of winning quick mixed with game changing risks that might kill you, then red in all its unpredictable glory may just be the deck for you. Speed and Power can be very useful but you won’t be ever working in the long term.

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