My Problem With Dune: Part Two


Before we get into things I will say this, I loved Dune: Part 1, I thought it was a stunning film and watched it many times since my first viewing. I generally think Denis Villeneuve is an amazing director who approaches science fiction in a way that many other directors are afraid to. Not only that but combined with his cinematographers and editors he helps create visually beautiful films that are frankly a feast for the eyes.  So yes I have one issue with Dune part 2, but at the same time, I feel to a certain extent I am allowed to have that issue because, on one hand, I have been a fan of the franchise for over twenty years, and on the other, I will still be seeing this film because I trust Denis Villeneuve’s vision. 

So what is my problem?

Well, my problem is with Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, or what they have done to him.

In the books, Feyd is described as dark-haired and lean, almost perfection compared to his two more visible relatives. in fact his looks hide the fact that he is as violent and terrifying as his brother and uncle, he is definitely the bad-boy of the Dune Universe, which is probably why he was almost played by Mick Jager and later played by Sting, you would truly need a certain level of rock star swagger to pull the role off, This is why I was generally elated when I heard that Austin Butler was playing the role of Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. He could easily take the energy he used while playing Elvis and almost twist it to become this sociopathic yet charismatic lover of the limelight. And still to this day I think he will be perfect for the role, my only issue is with his appearance. 

Oh, look at what they have done to my beautiful boy…

I understand that in these Dune films, House Harkonnen has a certain look, pale skin, and bald hair being it. But did they need to go this far with the “attractive one” of the family? 

It is a minor detail but I feel it further pushes House Harkonen into an even more cartoonish level of villainy, especially if everyone in the family looks like this. Still, I will save my full judgment till after I see the movie and if anything I still know it will be a great performance. I just think letting him have his hair would have been advised. 

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