Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes

When Margot inherits a run-down castle from her wealthy family, she and her husband Dieter decide to spend the night there, where their relationship and their sanity are put to the ultimate test. As time and space begin to shift around them, a reality that only exists within the walls of the eerie building is exposed. Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes is brought to us by Kevin Kopacka in his feature film directorial debut, stars Anna Platen, Jeff Wilbusch, Frederik Von Lüttichau, Luisa Taraz and Robert Nickish.

Just watching this trailer I am getting some serious Stanley Kubrick vibes, but with a heavy European twist. What the trailer reveals to us is eerily beautiful, yet many of the visuals sit heavy on the viewers. The trailer gives off a feeling that is equal parts cursed and claustrophobic. If this is your first jump into European cinema then it will be a wise place to start, Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes will be having its UK debut on the Snd of December 2022 and I for one cannot wait to see it.

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