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Watch as Luxlocosplay brings Vampirella to life

Vampirella is a character that is both wholly underrated and also someone that I have become a massive fan of. Basically if you are unfamiliar with her, the origin varies but she is a scantily clad badass warrior who protects humanity from the things that thrive in the dark.

In recent years several writers have taken the character concept and turned her from an obscure sex symbol, into a warrior who thrives in her sexuality and is a symbol for freedom as opposed to the basic male fantasy. Though as I have said she is fairly underrated Which is why I am glad to see one of the best cosplayers out there bringing her to life.

With just two Tiktok videos Luxlocosplay shows us why this is the perfect Vampirella cosplay.

All I can say is I am sure plenty of her fans are looking forward to Halloween.

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