Dublin Comic Con March 2022 Cosplay

Saturday the 12th of March 2022 was a return to normality for so many of us. Conventions have always been a special place for those of us in this community, it is the place where many “nerds” can truly be themselves. Obviously, since we have been living through a Global Pandemic it has been difficult for conventions to go ahead but now we are entering a time when people can go out and enjoy themselves again, which means Conventions are back on, which also means we are going to get a lot of new cosplay.

And Dublin Comic Con 2022 was not one to disappoint on the cosplay front. It seems many of these talented artists have spent the last two years preparing for this weekend.


It should come as no surprise that there would be a lot of DC and Marvel cosplay. After all, it’s a convention so we can expect that there is going to be plenty of fans of the Big Two comic book companies. Though I find it kind of surprising that I found more DC Villians than heroes and more Marvel Heroes than Villians, just shows which company makes better badguys.  A big standout of the day was Rosie K Darcy’s Wonder Women cosplay. 

If Marvel and DC are going to be a convention like this then you better not be surprised to see plenty of Anime cosplays on display. I was definitely happy to see a Master Roshi cosplay at the convention and stressed to me that he may look the part but he will not be acting the part. 


Then comes the gaming fans, and being a Mass Effect fan I was glad to meet a fellow fan plus I was seriously impressed by this awesome Aloy cosplay. It could not have been easy to put together an Aloy cosplay in time for the convention yet not only was it ready, but the cosplay also looked amazing.

I doubt anyone was truly surprised to see multiple Mandaloreons on display at DCC22, would have photographed more but it got pretty confusing after a while. As per usual with this event, the Dark Side was strong amongst the attendees.

Henry Cavil would be pleased with the amount of Warhammer 40k cosplay on display and these cosplayers really went above and beyond with their costumes, The fact that we got to see a very intimidating, yet polite Necron Lord and several members of the Adepta Sororitas was a real treat.

And yet there were so much more multiple Power Rangers, a member of the Mobile Infantry, Jester, Captain Hook and so many more there truly was something for everyone. 

And of course, I managed to even find Jesus this weekend. We had a quick chat he seems to be too busy to work on a new bible as apparently, Elden Ring has taken up a lot of his free time. All in all, this was a fantastic return for Dublin Comic Con and I cannot wait to go back next time. 

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