The DMZ Trailer Has Me Hooked

Warner is really making use of their rights to DC Comics properties with this one. Yes, that is correct we have a new Comic book-inspired Tv series coming to HBO Max, but if you are sick of superhero shows, this may just be the one for you.

The original book is set in an alternate near-future where Manhattan island has been left as a Demilitarized Zone after the Second American Civil War. The war was fought mainly by two factions the federal government of the United States of America and the Free States armies. The first faction is the American Government of our timeline, while the second started out as a loose coalition of militias that evolved into something much bigger. Due to the Federals army’s incompetence, the country ends up being divided and Manhattan is left as a DMZ with over 75% of its population fleeing to either side of the war. Series creator Brian Wood described it like this: Think equal parts Escape from New York, Fallujah, and New Orleans right after Katrina”.

The television series will follow Alma Ortega as she tries to search for her missing child in the Manhattan DMZ. Alma’s role will quickly evolve from a desperate mother into something of a revolutionary, with Rosario Dawson in the lead role I am certain that this character is going to be absolutely compelling to watch. Dawson is an actor who always augments and improves everything she is in, wether it be Josie and the Pussycats, The Netflix Marvel Shows, Clerks 2 or Rent. Having her in the lead fills me with a lot of confidence.

I am also loving what I have seen of Benjamin Bratt. Bratt is giving of a real Cyrus from The Warriors feel. If you have not seen The Warriors then think Gang Lord turned War Lord, but oozing with cool and charisma. I am getting a feeling that both Bratt and Dawson will be diametrically opposed and both are actors of great quality, meaning this will be a show worth watching.

The final big draw to this series will be the fact that it does not glorify war and it will show people the realities of what happens after the bullets stop flying. There are far too many alive today who are all to willing for wars to begin, hopefully a show like this will open a few of their eyes and show them that peace is prefferable to war, at least under most circumstances.


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