Amazon Are Ramping Up The Hype For Wheel Of Time

We are merely weeks away from the release of the long awaited Wheel of Time series. And this new trailer does not hold anything back. In fact, if you ask me it shows a tad too much. 

This trailer shows that the show may be quite different from the books, in that events may be happening somewhat out of order. I know a few fans may have a knee-jerk reaction to be upset by this,  but I prefer the optimistic approach that I will get to see the characters I love in slightly different scenarios.

One change that I do like is tact that right off the bat all 5 characters that we encounter in the Two Rivers are treated equally. To explain in the books the character of Moiraine Damodre, played by Rosamund Pike, is on a journey to find a “chosen one” and she ends up focussing on three males from this town known as The Two Rivers. They end up being joined by two of their female friends, who both play huge parts in the story. This time around it seems all five are seen as equals and I kind of prefer that.

One reveal from the trailer that I do like is how we finally got to see what the Trolloc’s look like. These monstrous creatures are utterly terrifying and I think the Tv series has really captured how horrific they areally are.

The closer I get to this series, the more likely I feel that it will live up to the hype.




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