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Star Trek Picard Season 2 Trailer Break Down

Now when I say everything what I really mean is Time Travel, the Borg Queen, a totalitarian Future, and the one and only Q – so what more could you want…

So sit back and let us have a look at what this trailer has in store for us.

Right off the bat, we have the return of fan favorite Q. With John de Lancie reprising his role. I would like to think that this immortal being has decided to “age himself” just so Picard does not feel left out. He has come back to continue to test Picard and push him to see the value of humanity. I do wonder after the events of Voyager, is he just doing this because he is bored and misses Picard?

Next up we have an apparent terrorist attack. The trailer leads us to believe that this is linked to Q’s test. 

After the attack we skip to the crew scrambling to react to something, then we see this. A Totalitarian state that is more reminiscent of the Mirror Universe than the main timeline. I assume that this is Picard here and not a doppelganger. 

So the reason why I assume that he is the real Picard is that here we see Seven shocked that she does not have her implants. 

I am assuming that Elnor is being held here because aliens are not tolerated in the alternate future. Either that or they are just guiding him from doing something stupid.  All I know is at this point Picard deems that they need to travel back in time.

And Picard knows someone who has the knowledge to travel back in time.

Yes, that is right the Borg Q is back. Though I am sure how she has been preserved. But this should be an interesting return for her character. What follows next is a little bit trippy.

And now we see the cast of Picard in the 21st century, which must have been a great way to save money. 

What follows next is a lot of quick flashes of what is to come. 

I really think that his season will be a big improvement on the next.



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