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Dynamite: Bettie Page: Curse of The Banshee #2

Bettie Page: Curse of The Banshee is fast proving to be one of my favorite series, not just for 2021 but for all time. This series is a true breath of fresh air, especially for anyone looking a break from the normal superhero fair that comic books give us. In place of men in tights we are treated to the iconic Bettie Page as she tries to solve the mystery of a murderous Banshee in small town Ireland.

Yes, we are off to the Emerald Isle for a grand spooky adventure.

Previously Bettie and her partner were sent from America all the way to rural Ireland to investigate some possibly supernatural murders. Thisbrings Bettie face to face with the Banshee herself and that leads us into the latest issue.

This is still pretty early in the series so it will be easy for you to just jump right in, though I am sure it will be easy enough to grab yourself a back issue. Still if you have no time for that you will be just thrown into the action with this one.

The book is jam packed full of authentic Irish flavor, the places, the dialogue and the general feel all scream Ireland and they do this without being offensive or tacky. Issue two even shows off the Full Irish Breakfast in its full majestic glory. You can thank writer Stephen Mooney for this as he himself is a native of this fair isle and has proudly put Ireland on display, warts and all.

And to sweeten the deal the books are filled with absolutely stunning art courtesy of Jethro Morales and colors by Dinei Ribero. Their work really helps bring this world to life.

And finally, for you all you collectors out there you have several covers to choose from including one by Mooney himself and also one starring featuring D Cosplay in a photo that I genuinely had to take a double take on, she really is killing it,

It really is a great book and one I hope you all enjoy as much as I have.

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