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Dynamite: Red Sonja 1982

Red Sonja 1982 is a book like no other. Think your classic Red Sonja story line, mixed with the Terminator , while also being a fish out of water tale – with a dash of ET. So yes this is a real breath of fresh air and all round is just a fun read and really worth the time to pick up.

That’s my elevator pitch but if you are looking more info then by all means continue, but there is a minor spoiler warning in place from now on.

The book kicks off with two aliens watching from afar and then leads to them sending a killer robot to battle the beautiful badass that is Red Sonja. Through some hijinks she ends up in the 1980’s on a film set where she is mistaken for the stunt women before being cast as the lead. This adventure eventually climaxes with a battle across L.A. against the killer robot from earlier and it does not end the way you think it will.

Spoilers over

After reading this book I have decided that if it see a book written by Amy Chu then I have to read it!

There is a reason Amy Chu has worked on such iconic titles like KISS, The Green Hornet, Deadpool and  Poison Ivy – the reason being that she is bloody talented. Not only that but she also started Alpha Girl Comics where she has released her own series Girls Night Out. Her work is outstanding and this particular release is a fantastical mix of weird and wonderful that just demands to be read, like I said this is a book like no other.

Mix Amy’s writing with the art of Eric Blake (Artist) and Adriano Augusto (Colorist) and you have this piratically perfect book that shows why Comics/Graphic novels are not just for kids and that they are a place where the impossible happens. The impossible being exactly what we all need to get through 2021.

And if you are looking to grab yourself a copy of this book then all you need do is head down to your local comic book shop on the 9th of June or order yourself a copy online.

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