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Dynamite: Vampirella Vs. Purgatori #4

When last we left our two heroines where fighting against all the odds to save humanities purest souls. Unfortunately that was all for nothing because Lilith has begun to play dirty while Hel herself is revealed to be the mastermind behind everything that is happening. Still I would not count these demonic beauties out just yet, because as long as there is a fight you just know these two will not be giving up.

This issue see’s Purgatori delve into darkness itself as she goes toe to toe with Hel. As battles go this one is an epic as it gets with two creatures of the shadow battling for the fate of the planet. Meanwhile Lilith shows her true colors in just how ruthless she is with her own minions, the queen of demons is not one to be trifled with.

Though as great as these plot lines are, it is Vampirella who truly steels the show in this issue. Left with a human on the brink of loosing it she chooses a more compassionate route, one that left me a tad broken. And it is here that this book truly shines, for several issues we have had this amazing fast paced race against time and then suddenly it switches gears to this melodic yet beautiful plot line, one that reminds us why we are routing for Vampirella.

As always the art is just gorgeous, weather it be this fantastic contrasting battle of red versus blue with Purgatori vs Hel or the somber yet sweet moments with Vampirella the art is just beautiful and Alvaro Sarrasec (Artist) and Salvatore Aiala (Colorist) have done and amazing job bringing the work of Ray Fawkes to life.


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