I Am Loving The New Mortal Kombat Opening

HBOMAX treated us all by releasing the opening seven minutes of the new Mortal Kombat movie on Youtube. And when I say this was a treat I really meant it, because the opening seven minutes look fantastic – or is that FANTASTIK.

We open in the 19th Century and see’s Hanzo Hasashi leaving a peaceful life with his family, in Japan, until they are attacked by a group of Chinese assassins from the Lin Kuei clan. Then all hell breaks loose…

Right off the bat the acting was fantastic, seriously you would think for a video game movie people would maybe just phone it in, but nope not in this case. Of course high quality acting is to be expected, especially when your cast includes the always amazing Hiroyuki Sanada. He is just brilliant in everything and in this he definitely bring his A-Game here. But it is not just Hiroyuki Sanada who is amazing in these opening moments, Joe Taslim is just an intimidating presence, that I cannot wait to see more of.

But it would not be a Mortal Kombat movie with a few fight sequences and the opening fight is the perfect way to kick this off. It is pretty short but it is a great tease of what is to come. The fighting is fluid, focused and easy to follow. It does not rely on tricks to deceive the audience which is always a plus.

A minor mention is that the score seems great. Just a little note but between the new version of the MK theme and the music in this opening I think that the film is in great hands. Finally, my other big pro for this film is that it did not force the characters to speak English and instead let the characters speak Japanese and Chinese respectively. It just shows that though the premise is a tad silly they still do not want to dumb it down.

The original Mortal Kombat has constantly been held up as the best video game movie ever, it seems that the new movie fight be the best film to test its might.


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