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Vengeance Of Vamperella Issue 16 Review

Jumping right in at issue 16 of the 50th anniversary revival of the character is not the ideal way to start a series, but when have I ever done anything the “ideal way”. If I can make something awkward, you just know I am going to do it. So yes, here I am on issue 16 of a series I have never read before and after reading this issue I just want more… (I guess I am going to be buying some back issues).

Before you open this book up you cannot help but be drawn in the stunning cover. It is this weird mixture of darkness and feminine beauty. Yes, I am well aware that she is not wearing much but the artist manages to do this without making the cover look like some teenage boy’s cheap sexual fantasy and instead like an actual piece of art, which of course it is.

Plot wise this one is balls to the wall and all hell is breaking loose, leaving only our band of intrepid heroes, headed by Vamperella herself, to save the world. It is a classic chronicle that we have seen numerous times but one I will never get bored of.

As with any story in this medium the art always trumps all. I know that sounds a tad shallow but it’s true, if you are going to grab a comic, you are going to want one with great art work. If that sounds like you then you will be pleased to know that Vengeance of Vamperella does not disappoint. From start to finish the book is dark and brooding yet vivid, colourful and filled with such wondrous details. Kewber Baal (Art) and Omi Remalante JR (Colors) do anything but disappoint.

With a little horror and plenty of action that darker part of me just loves this one.


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