How Jimmy Woo Could Have His Own Tv Series

Marvel made a big mistake when they cast Randall Park as Jimmy Woo, simply put it is a law of the universe that once you see Randal Park you will want to see more of him. If they had of left him as a one off character in Ant-Man and The Wasp then we would be happy, but they brought him back for WandaVision and well it seems that the world just cannot get enough of him.

If you read our article, published a few years ago, about Marvel Characters of Asian descent that we wanted in the MCU, you would know that Jimmy Woo has a long history with Marvel Comics. And is more than just an agent of the FBI.

In recent years he has seen himself as the leader of a team of known as the Agents of Atlas. The original team consisted of:

.Namora – She is from Atlantis and is the daughter of an Atlantean father and a human mother. 
.Venus – The goddess of Greek Myth – though another version exists as an Alien.
.Marvel Boy/the Uranian – The descendant of Jewish scientist that fled Earth due to The Nazis.
.The Gorilla-Man – All the intelligence of a man trapped in the body of a Gorilla.
.M-11/the Human Robot – A killer robot with the ability to learn.
.Jimmy Woo – The groups leader, who has to get all these “people” to work together.

(Atlas is reference to the fact that all the characters came from Marvels predecessor company Atlas comics)

Now I would love to see these guys get their own Disney+ series and I think you all feel the same.

Before we get started, due to the nature of the MCU some of these characters just would not work yet, but they will soon enough. Such as Namor or The Uranium – I guess we would need to see how things go with the Namor and The Eternals before we move forward with those characters but the other 4 could work. 

Also I would put Gorilla-Man on the back burner for now as it would be more expensive to create that character. This leaves you with Jimmy Woo, Venus and M11 as your original three characters. I would also love to bring back Dr Darcy Lewis: because her and Woo seem to have a great rapport.

With Shield either out of action or a shell of its former self – I am never quite sure what they are doing – we could say that the other major agencies are trying to help fill that void and create Atlas in its place. Not an agency but a group of Agents to work between Agencies with Jimmy Woo at their head. Perhaps we could see Monica Rambo acting as the oversight for the team and being its main backer – though saving her more Captain Marvel 2.

With Jimmy from the FBI, maybe S.W.O.R.D could focus on the Sentient Weapons part of their name and donate M11 as the teams muscle. As the group is a mixture of several Agencies perhaps a new character could be brought in from outside the original Roster if you are keeping it all American you could recruit a member of the CIA Cerberus squad, from the Punisher’s backstory.

Or if you want to go international, Union Jack from the UK – an openly gay special forces operative would be a nice touch and a third option could be Georges Batroc. He was the leader of the Mercenaries from the Beginning of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I could see him being released on good behavior to work for Woo.

Just spit balling here but also Daisy AKA Quake from Agents Of Shield could be another good fit for this series. She would the experience that this team would be missing.

I could imagine that the team could be sent to investigate a cosmic anomaly, one caused by the use of so many Infinity Stones on Earth. The Anomaly could be, or could be linked to the Character Venus. This would be your first episode. Maybe her powers would be running amok and the team would be sent to stop her and eventually recruit her. From there onwards they would be used to keep the general populace from being affected by cosmic problems. Which would eventually lead them to the Gorilla-Man. 

As for the tone of the series somewhere between the X-Files and the Middleman. I am guessing many of you have not seen the Middleman  – it was one of the great Tv shows that was way ahead of its time. The Middleman is a freelance fixer of “exotic problems”, which include mad scientists bent on taking over the world, hostile aliens and various supernatural threats. So at times it could be dark and creepy but at other times it would be quite funny.

As for casting well that is where things get interesting. Obviously keep everyone that is already cast but for    M-11 I think it would be amazing if Disney could bring back Alan Tudyk and have him play M-11 like he play K2 in Rogue One. The fans would go crazy for this and he would turn in a fantastic performance, as he always does.

Now with Venus this is where it gets tricky you do not want to just cast for looks, after all she is the Goddess of love, lust and desire. So ideally someone like Ana De Armas would be perfect – it is all in the eyes, though she may be too big for the role, so maybe go with Nell Tiger Free or Matilda De Angelis as they have not broken out just yet. Then again maybe Disney+ could go in a different direction and have Venus be a more ethereal entity that possess different hosts and cast a man or some from the trans community to play the role.

This could be something truly great and honestly Disney if you want to take the idea, please do, though if you want to hire me and take my ideas, also please do that.

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