PeachMilky Plays Tribute To K/DA

I swear this women must be able to see the future, because her timing for this release was bloody awesome. As many of you probably know K/DA are on the verge of dropping a brand new track. If you are one of the few people out there reading this wondering who K/DA are well I will fill you in:

K/DA is a virtual K-pop girl group consisting of four League of Legends characters Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai’Sa. Evelynn and Kai’Sa are voiced by American singers Madison Beer and Jaira Burns respectively, while Ahri and Akali are voiced by (G)I-dle members Miyeon and Soyeon.

The group where a huge hit and have inspired a lot of cosplayer’s to embrace their inner K-Pop star.

The latest Cosplayer to do so is PeachMilky, who as usual outclasses most of the competition with her craft.

Taken from Evelynn’s official bio:

Within the dark seams of Runeterra, the demon Evelynn searches for her next victim. She lures in prey with the voluptuous façade of a human female, but once a person succumbs to her charms, Evelynn’s true form is unleashed. She then subjects her victim to unspeakable torment, gratifying herself with their pain. To the demon, these liaisons are innocent flings. To the rest of Runeterra, they are ghoulish tales of lust gone awry and horrific reminders of the cost of wanton desire.

I am kind of glad she decided to bring this one to life, because I have grown rather bored of seeing all the other K/DA cosplays, no one ever seems to bring Evilynn to life.

If you are a fan of what you see here then be sure to check out all of this fantastic cosplayer’s most relevant links.





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