Giant Monsters Wrestling Could Be The Next Big Kids Flick

Looks like we possibly have the birth of another beloved kids franchise on our hands. Rumble is set in a world where the most popular sport is that of Giant Monster fights. The current reigning champion is Tentacular, a shark-like tentacled monster who is the reigning Monster Wrestling champion, who not only is voiced by Terry Crews but is possibly also just Terry Crews. It looks like Rumble will pit Tentacular against Steve an out of shape underdog in a fight to see who is the greatest monster ever.

This could work, if it is marketed well, but that only gets people into the screen. In the end it needs to focus on a great story and there could be one in there. The only problem is the trailer already looks like it is treading the same water, with tired lazy and outdated jokes, which is a real shame because the monsters look amazing. Still I will reserve judgement till the film comes out.

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