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My Geeky Girl Crushes Part 15

Welcome all to our 15th list of beautiful women in the geek realms. If you have not read any of the other lists then please some below.

Sarah Chang

Sarah Chang is an American classical violinist. Recognized as a child prodigy, she first played as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra in 1989. She enrolled at Juilliard School to study music, graduated in 1999, and continued university studies. Especially during the 1990s and 2000s, Chang had major roles as a soloist with many of the world’s major orchestras.


Sydnee Goodman

You will know this women as a host and producer over at IGN. But she also considers herself a professional cat walker and has a fantastic social media game.


Red is one half of the Overly Sarcastic Productions team, who are well let’s just say their videos are worth checking out. She mostly covers literature either giving us excellent summaries or discussing tropes. I could show you her photos, that are anything but a let down, But I would rather you get to know her for her wit and charm that are on full display in her videos.


This South American Cosplayer is kind of an enigma to me but as you can see she is extremely talented.

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Focus on me

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Caitlin Glass

Caitlin Tiffany Glass is an American voice actress, ADR director, and script writer at Funimation, New Generation Pictures and Bang Zoom! Entertainment who provides voices for English versions of Japanese anime series and video games.

Laure Valée

Laure “Bulii” Valée started as a writer for’s french page. In 2016, she hosted O’Gaming’s analyst desk for the World Championship and other major events in 2017. At the end of 2016 she worked as a journalist for a French esport TV Show (Canal Esport Club).

She’s became the interviewer for the EU LCS 2017 Summer Playoffs after asking sjokz if Riot Games was looking for another hostess. In January 2018, she joined the EU LCS Broadcast as an interviewer

Scarlett Rose Cosplay

Another amazing cosplayer who has won multiple accolades and awards for her word. She truly is an epic talent.


Ely Renae

Clothing designer, cosplayer, artist and owner of Kangaroomis. This women truly is a force of nature.


Alyssa D. Silos

Alyssa Silos is a Filipino-American visual artist, born in Hawaii but currently working out of the mainland United States. Alussa is a self confessed manga and anime fan and this fanship helped start her off down to the path of the artist. Currently she is working as a Freelance artist.

Kelli The Opera Geek

Kelli Butler is a self professed aria-slinging mercenary, professional distraction coloratura, sarcastic bard in Dungeons & Dragons. All I know is she is giving me a new found love for opera.

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