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My Geeky Girl Crushes Part 14

If you are just joining us then let me fill you in on what is going on here:

Many moons ago my friend informed me that attractive female nerds are a myth and on part 14 of this you can see that I have probably proven him wrong. 

As I have said before if you are someone that can help compile a list of hot nerdy men, then please get intouch.

Alanah Pearce

Alanah Pearce is pretty dam awesome. She is a well reguarded gaming journalist but she is probably best known for being the women that contacted the mothers of boys who where abusing her online.

This just means that she is fucking awesome and a darling of the internet. But beyond that she is talented in her own right and someone worth respecting and following.

Professor Kate Williams

Kate Williams is a British author, historian and television presenter. She is a professor of history at the University of Reading.


Layna Lazar

The words extremely talented would be an understatement in this case. The NZ native is quite the force, dipping her toes into 3D design, traditional art, being the co-owner of a toy company, streaming, clothing and modelling. A true Renaissance women.

Roxy Striar

One of the current employees over at Screen Junkies and also a very fun person IRL Roxy has easily gained a following of her own that may one day outstrip Screen Junkies.



Miranda is a women os many hats  but you will best know her as the executive Editor over at IGN. ALong with that she loves anime, DoTa 2 and all things cute and adorable, which explains her love of Pokemon.

Jamie Broadnax

I was way to late to the party on discovering Jamie Broadnax and I will tell you this the nerd world is far better for having her in it. Jamie is a film critic, podcaster and writer, known for founding and being editor-in-chief and CEO of the Black Girl Nerds community. If you have been following this list you will easily see that Black Girl Nerds are servery underrepresented so it is nice to see her out waving her flag with pride.


Åsa Ekström


Åsa Ekström is a Swedish comics artist who has done the impossible because she currently resides and works as a manga creator in Suginami, Tokyo, Japan. If you know anything about the manga industry you will know this is quite the accomplishment.


Kallie Plagge

You may not know this Leo but you will know her work as the reviews editor for Gamestop. If yu even take a cursory glance at her Twitter feed you will see she is a full blown nerd and someone who is seriously fun.


Alexis Moore 

Alexis Moore is an amazingly talented artist who not only has a gorgeous art style but an amazing eccentric and fabulous style of everything. You really need to check her out, she is totally underrated.


Real Cindy Moon

What can I say, I love the character Silk – Silk is an amazing and underrated superhero and to find a cosplayer so dedicated to this character that she is going to cosplay every single one of her costumes is pretty epic.


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