Our Geeky Girl Crushes Part 11 The Bonus Round

I know you all thought I was done with this but I just wanted to round the year out with one final list and who knows there may be more. If you have not seen these lists before then I will fill you in. A while back I was told by a friend that no attractive women are nerdy and now that we have 110 nexamples of beautiful, intelligent and unique women I think I can rest my case.

As I have also stated that if you want to do this for men too, then please contact me and we can make it happen.


This full time Cosplayer from South Africa is famous for her complex cosplay builds and sexy boudoir/swimsuit cosplay adaptations. It is pretty easy to see why she is so popular, the internet was practically created for this women and her art.


Anna Prosser


This women has done it all – 

  • Performing Artist

  • Games Media Personality

  • Producer

  • Host at 

  • And Former Miss OR USA

Not only that but she in avid gamer so I guess you gotta ask yourself, what are you doing with your life?


Rachel Miner

Rachel Miner was originally known as just an actress but recently has moved into other lines of work.

Jackie Jennings

Jackie Jennings is the host of SYFY WIRE and the stealer of all of our hearts with an abundance of charm and a knowledge that rivals most it is easy to see why she on Syfy Wire.


Elyssa Hobbitzez

Elyssa Grant is an American producer and gamer. She is also a Project Manager for Penny Arcade.


Katsura Hoshino

A Japanese manga artist from Shiga Prefecture. She made her debut in July 2003 with the publication of her first manga series Continue and is known for her work, D.Gray-man, which began serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump in May 2004.


Lauren Mayberry

The lead singer of Scottish Band CHVRCHES Lauren has gone on to be quite the feminist icon and in her own right is a mix of fashion icon, a lil nerdy and a lot of attitude – of and she is an amazing singer. 


Cosplayer by day, Stripper by night a truly alluring mix it is easy to see why this women has such a hardcore fanbase.


Brigit O’Regan

For years I simply knew here as the Violin girl from Youtubes but this women is extremely talented and has a great knack for patrolling conventions finding people in cosplay and playing the theme tune that matches their costume. I truly epic skill.



This Gundam fanatic is pretty new on the scene but she already has a die hard following, mix that with the patience to build Intricate  and details models and you have someone to keep and eye on.

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