Watch As Patrick Stewart And Whoopi Goldberg Melt Your Hearts

Many of you will remember that Sir Patrick Stewart became famous for playing the role of Captain Picard on Star Trek The Next Generation. Though I am also sure that many of you will have forgotten that Whoopi Goldberg was also on The Next Generation as Guinan. Guinan was the bartender in the Enterprise bar and she would often offer life advice to the crew. It was later revealed that she was an El-Aurian – a long lived species of aliens that appear almost human. Her backstory would later be fleshed out in several episodes of TNG and of course the film Star Trek Generations.

Being that she was such a huge part of the original series fans of course would want to see her back and Sir Patrick personally went on the view to offer her a part in season 2 of his upcoming series Picard.

The moment is utterly heart warming and shows how much a genuine and kind man he truly is, I am not saying she needed the work, all I am saying is that Patrick clearly cares about the fans and knows what they want and has continued to try and give us what we want. Plus her facial reaction is utterly priceless then the hug – yes my heart continues to melt.

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