A Spark Of Hope For The Jurassic Park Franchise

After Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom many, including myself, assumed that the Franchise was dead. Fallen Kingdom saw both the leads from the previous film do emotional 180’s and then finished on a weird ending with Dinosaurs being set free – to make matters worse they promised us a lot of Jeff Goldblum yet teased us with only a little. Mix all this with the fact that the Mossaurus was able to survive (also not go insane like the Indominus Rex did), the lack of airborne dinosaurs escaping the island and the stupidity conceived Indo-Raptor and you had a film with a great cast, a fantastic director and a huge budget but still sucked.

Yet there may be hope.

May I present Battle at Big Rock…

So what is it about?

The plot see’s a group of TV Homes attacked by dinosaurs and one families attempts to survive the awesome might of these prehistoric beasts. The stakes are high yet the film never takes itself to seriously. It remembers that the key to being a good Jurassic Park film is to have fun. It’s skillfhully shot, excellent use of light and great cinematography. the film will once again remind you why these beasts should be feared.

The key to why this works is it puts the everyday family up against a dinosaur, not only that but it uses Allosaurus and Triceratops, both dinosaurs that have featured in the franchise but only in a minimal way. So we are getting a breath of fresh air, also a majority non white cast (and mixed race family) careful now someone may get triggered. 

Do not forget to keep an eye out for the credits, they are really worth a watch because it looks like Colin Trevorrow knows what he is doing.


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