TitanCon 2019 a Convention By The Fans For The Fans

On the Irish Convention Circuit Titan Con always flies under the radar and honestly that is a real shame because unlike other con’s it really brings a lot to the table. Unlike bigger cons instead of trying to initiate SDCC the team behind TitanCon choose to give us different and more varied sorts of entertainment, boardering on cultured, but with pints always near by.

First off as Guests go TitanCon had one that outstripped all other guests, George R R Martin himself was there and he was absolutely delightful. He took the time to really answer fans questions and helped give us all a greater insight into the thought process of one of modern literature greatest and most prolific writers. Not only that but his panel was very intimate and it made the entire experience so enjoyable, plus now I am extremely excited for the Wild Cards Tv Series.

Beyond Martin there where plenty of other panels worth seeing. Two of which where the panels on Time Travel in literature and panel on medieval combat. Both where utterly fascinating and had me running home to re-watch Terminater 2 and the Battle of the Bastards respectively. The time travel panel delved into subjects such as William Gibson, Back To The Future, Bill and Ted, Timeless, Fequency, the Personal vs the Political and of course Quantum Leap. For a Science Fiction buff like myself it was utterly engrossing. Meanwhile the talk on ancient western combat was just fascinating.

Of course like any convention there was a Merch Hall and this was one of my favorites. Instead of focusing on big named brands this one had plenty of independent sellers, with a new writers, some steam punk, lots of unique art and plenty of trinkets to make your eyes pop. We even picked up this fantastic comic dedicated to mental awareness.

On the Friday night all attendees where treated to a performance by the Irish Video Game Orchestra, which as always was brilliant. They covered a wide variety of games such as Tetris, Skyrim, Chrono Trigger, Undertale and even a few non video game choices like Game of Thrones and Studio Ghibli.

Like I said in my title this is a con made by the fans for the fans. Everyone was so helpful so friendly, no posers, just nerds and that is fucking beautiful. So if you consider yourself a proper nerd, get to Titan Con 2020 and trust me you will not be disappointed.

2020 Cant come soon enough.

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